Printing Productions

What We Do


Here in the printing department we offer a wide range of products. We can print personalised images on to a canvas, mugs and phone cases.

Our canvas prints can come with a white or full wrap around borders. Mugs make an excellent gift for birthdays or special occasions and with phone cases you can be the cool kid on the block with your own design.


Shopping Bags

This is our new product this year.

We have decided to print onto cotton

bags as we aspire to help do our part to

rid the oceans of plastics. We hope that after

purchasing a Sea Clear cotton bag, customers

will neve need to buy a plastic bag again,

and by doing so, help the environment.

Price: From £2.00

Postal & Packaging Price: 0.99p

Personalised Canvas Printing 


Family pictures, your beloved pets or that great

beach on your holiday. Again send us the image

and we can place on a canvas.

  To be the showcase on your wall.

Send us your image and we will do the rest.

Canvas Printing


16" x 16" - £15

16" x 20" - £16

16" x 30" - £22

16" x 36" - £24

20" x 30" - £26

20" x 36" - £30

30" x 40" - £38

36" x 36" - £40

36" x 40" - £45

36" x 60" - £60

36" x 70" - £70

Personalised Phone Case


We sell your design on a wide range of phone cases.

Email us the image and we will do the rest.


Price: £5.00



Personalised t shirts with design of your choice.

Price £5.00

Personalised Mug Printing 


Same as the phone cases, email us your image and these make

a great present for any occasion. They also hold your brew!


Price: £4.00 or £5.00 with small treats inside.