In previous years the students have set up numerous business's stated bellow are some of our products such as Key Minds, Sea Clear, Cozy Cuddlers, Random Candles and Our Hands. Even though they are our history products we still sell them look to find out more on our products page. 

Key Minds

We are KeyMinds a Young Enterprise company based in Oldham,

consisting of a group of lads from digital 2, coming up with ideas

that we think might sell but to also learn how to run business,

this year we have chosen to make Key Rings to spread awareness

about mental health.

The Cozy Cuddler!

Below are two images of our brand new product!

The Cozy Cuddler is a unique design that is simply made by stuffing a stitched sports sock full of rice and blasting it in the microwave. The aftermath of this is a soothing sensation perfect for when you're stressed or busy working. The Cozy Cuddler acts as a body friendly friend that warms you up and eliminates the horrible feeling of a long slow day!

Our Hands


We create clock's made out of reused wood to help save the planet. we reuse the wood so that eventually they dont burn the wood and pollute the air.




For our new business we have come up with a new and orignal idea that will blow your mind.

As our buisness this year we wanted to help out the enviroment by upcycling Tin cans



About Us

Hello and welcome to Sea Clear. We are a Young Enterprise business based at Medtia, Oldham. We comprise of students within the Digit4ll pathway at the college. Each year we create a new product. This year we are making and selling cotton bags. We have joined up with a chosen charity, to whom we will be sending donations per bag sale. 


Random Candles


We create scented candles using recycled jars donated by our students and staff. We use soy wax in all our candles which according to our research allows our product to burn cleaner than other candles made of regular wax.



Winter Warriors

Winter Warriors helps lower your central heating bills so why not buy one of our cosy Winter Warriors blankets and reduce your heating bills - one blanket at a time!